Our Services

Designing and Writing
Effective Business Plans.

We meet with prospective business owners from SMEs and large corporations to craft workable and simple business plans to be used by our clients in running a business. The process involves business owners participating in every aspect of the writing of the business plan. Their participation ensures that the business plan is meaningful to the owner, and not just a document to be put away in a file.

Designing and Writing
Strategic Plans

We respond to the rapid changes in the business environment by helping business owners and corporations to develop strategic plans. This will give them a clear roadmap to achieve growth in their business by doing the following:

  • Determine key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish SMART objectives
  • Provide timely evaluation of the business steps toward growth
  • Establish clear financial milestones as you build your business

Business Development Consulting

We meet and work with our clients on different functional areas of the business such as Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing, IT and Finance.

Through one-on-one targeted seminars with clients, to identify gaps in these areas and provide timely advice for solutions.

Conduct Market RESEARCH

We design and conduct market research for MSMEs to validate their business ideas or to get accurate information on their target market position on identified product or service by doing the following:

  • Determine the scope of the research base on input from our clients
  • Design effective questionnaire
  • Conduct field questionnaires
  • Analyze findings and prepare report